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Last month I was traveling by train, metro usuall work smash. I noticed an older man looked pornmade at me from the end of the car, I took him to notice. It has about 50 years with gray hair. As more people got on the train this guy came to me, and after five seasons that were separated by about six inches. Suddenly the train stopped and the man is mad at me, his hands on my shoulders. I kept holding me and man, to my surprise, I could feel a hard lump pornmade in his pants, he realized that I knew and gave me a smile. Immediately my cock began to harden. I DONT pornmade call me gay or bi, even, but I must admit I was looking at the way this older man who had appeared. We were able to take care of the eyes at each other and when he left I kept the tube quickly. ' follow me', he said, and I did. We left the station and got into a taxi. 'Come back to me,' he said. Well, I did not want to work anyway. Identification was a greatFight with the wife in the morning and that was what I needed to pick me up. went to his house and he told me that his wife was at work all day pornmade and then I smiled. We sat on the couch, I do not really know what to do. Then I felt his hand caressing my leg up to my crotch. He stared at me while I kiss. Jesus! I could not believe it was a guy kiss me when I opened my mouth, licking the others so that we can tongue. I felt I unzip my pants and pulled my cock. This was cool, I had ever known. Little by little he began to masturbate, not immediate. Creamy milk covered his hand relaxed on pornmade my dick. We sat kissing. A then stood up and invited me to go to bed. We entered the room with the large bed in the corner, a picture of his wife at his side. We gathered and slipped under the sheets. I felt his hard pornmade cock on my own and I could not wait to try it. my way down her body, I saw youp of his cock uncut, 8 inch, I kissed and licked the sperm head before my mouth, take him. I started slowly to enjoy every second. Then I felt my legs tighten and I knew what was coming. broke the semen in my mouth and I swallowed every drop. It was not like I thought it would taste, in fact, was quite nice. spent the day sucking each other, masturbating, licking and kissing. We slept for about two o'clock in the afternoon, and when we wake up we masturbate each other. left about five decided to return as often as possible.
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